Forrero Rocher Hearts Galway Mayo Clare

(Large or Medium Size)

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Forrero Rochet Hearts

With these Ferrero Rocher Hearts, we are really spoiling you! 

Nothing says luxury and decadence like our extravagant Ferrero Rocher Heart displays. 

Our deluxe option fills both sides of the heart with a staggering 440 Ferrero Rocher, displayed on a rotating base. 

For those less intent on death by chocolate, you can fill just one side of the display with 220. 

Any chocolates which are left over at the end of the night will be boxed up for you to be taken home and enjoyed later. 

We also have a smaller heart available which comes with 100 chocolates and makes an ideal addition to our candy cart package. 

We offer forrero rocher hearts in Mayo, Galway, Clare and more! Hire forrero rocher hearts with us today in the West of Ireland!

Looking for Forrero Rocher Hearts in Galway or the west of Ireland?

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